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Airdog X5 Home Air Purifier

The leader of the pack, Airdog X5 is the original design and best seller of the product line. X5 implements patented TPA technology to destroy pollutants, bacteria and viruses in the air and purifies up to 400 square feet in just 20 minutes!  

The new FD plates dry out in 20 mins compared to 24 hours of metal collecting plates. Airdog X5 FD does not come with the Wifi control module, just one-button control, which is more user-friendly. 1-year warranty included.     


Airdog X Series Air Purifier Comparison:

Airdog vs Other Brands

Purifiers, at both ends of the price spectrum, all have high maintenance fees, generally costing over $500 on average every year. Whereas Airdog comes in at an impressive $0 Running Cost while being even more effective!

HEPA Filters dispose of the tiniest particles down to PM 0.3, whereas Airdog’s TPA®️ next-generation filter is 600% greater in the particles that it can filter.

TPA® Make X5 Different!

Airdog’s patented TPA® technology is the latest evolution in Air purifiers. It generates a high voltage electric field so that when harmful particles pass through that electrified ionic field, they are instantly destroyed. Any remnants are then absorbed by the collection plate.

Space Age Technology

The latest futuristic Graphene Material, which is applied in space technology, is at the heart of X5 and right at the leading edge of filtration technology.


The Graphene Material enables the Collecting Plate to be superconductive, making X3 the most effective filtration system on the market while being 200% lighter! This is a first for air purifiers!

Annihilates Harmful Particles!

TPA® creates an Ionic Field that zaps all harmful particles down to 0.0146µm (6 times smaller than other air purifiers). These zapped wastes then stick to the collecting plates like magnets.

Over 30,000 Airdog Users Give a Thumbs Up! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ User Testimonials


My wife is Japanese and learned about it on Japanese YouTube, Japanese TV commercials, Japanese drama show props and Airdog are used in hospitals and schools in Japan.

We checked several websites and reviews. Your company's website has product prices in Canadian currency and ships to Canada and has contact in Canada.

It was really nice when my wife emailed a question you actually contacted her and answered her questions on phone.

It was shipped very quickly in 7 days and we were notified of the delivery date.

We chose AirdogX5 because it catches and kills virus as small as 0.0146 micrometers considering the size of Covid-19 etc without using HEPA filters, also X5 is good size for our kitchen/living room area.

My wife has already sent your company's website link to many of her friends and family members. She can be your sales person :)

We just turned on AirdogX5 after very short and easy set up and are already impressed with the quietness. 

Thanks, Neil


Active filtration: Unlike HEPA purifiers, our TPA technology will not only collect, but also kill all the bacteria and mold that takes in.

High Performance: Our air purifiers can clean particles down to 0.0146 micron, which is 20 times smaller than average.

Washable filter: No recurring cost for replacement filters, you only need to wash it regularly and reuse it.

Environmentally friendly: No disposal of wasted filters helps to save our environment. While HPA needs replacement regularly which causes environmental burden.

Whisper quiet: 22db noise level in sleep mode
Smart Design (6 operating modes & child lock)

CARB qualified ozone emission


Advantages of our new design:

  1. Lightweight: The new improved collecting plates weigh only 4.4 pounds, which is about 30% lighter than the metal collecting plates.
  2. Fast Drying: The use of new innovative material enables faster drying. 20 minutes is all it usually takes as compared to 24 hours that the metal collecting plates need.
  3. Easy to clean: The improved material enables easier cleaning of the inner plates.


Product Specifications -

Unit Size: 26" x 12" x 12"
Unit Weight - 23 lbs
Shipping Weight - 25 lbs
Coverage Space - Up to 1500 square feet
Power - 100-240 V (AC)
Warranty - 1 Year with Proof of Purchase

If you already have an Airdog X5 air purifier and you want to replace your old collecting plates with our new FD collecting plates, Contact us here



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