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SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier

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SafeAir™ Mini Air Purifier

Say goodbye to outdated and bulky HEPA filters and toxic chemical cover-ups! From your home, workplace or on the go, you can now experience naturally inspired purification in the palm of your hand with the new and vastly improved SafeAir X Mini Air Purifier!


Inspired by the science of Mother Nature’s storms, SafeAir™ generates active oxygen with the use of micro-technology. These active oxygen molecules act as purifying missiles that are released into your air to attack pollutants such as odors, allergens, mold and bacteria - leaving your space renewed and refreshed.   

Highlights -

  • Rapidly oxidizes indoor smoke, odors and allergens from air and surfaces. • Works for indoor spaces up to 500 square feet. *
  • Includes optional USB power cord for at home and on the go.
  • Easy to use touch-pad settings. • Whisper quiet fan motor, perfect for bedrooms and offices.
  • Powerful - Rapidly Destroys Viruses and Odors!
  • Effective - Outperforms HEPA Purifiers!
  • ​Portable - Compact Design!
  • Efficient - Filter-Free, Safe Technology!

*Actual coverage depends on variables such as severity and frequency of pollutants, flow of air, unit settings, humidity and temperature.

    Specifications -

    • Unit Size - 14 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm Unit Weight - .5 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight - 1 lbs. Power - 110 - 240 V (AC Plug) / USB Adapter
    • Includes 8ft USB Adapter to Purify​ at Home or On the Go!

    Purification in the Palm of Your Hand

    SafeAir™ Mini goes beyond traditional purification to create a compact and powerful solution to removing indoor air pollutants such as smoke, pollen, pet dander and even bacteria and viruses.


    Powered by FOUR Proven Purification Technologies:

    Destroys Germs and Viruses Oxidizes Odors and Allergens

    By use of Active Purification Technology, SafeAir Mini attacks infectious bacteria and viruses that can land on surfaces or make its way into your lungs.

    SafeAir Mini rapidly clears the air of odors and allergens such as smoke, pet dander, mold, dust and pollen, leaving your air smelling great.

    Renews Indoor Air Quality
    Experience a sense of freshness and vibrancy as SafeAir Mini continuously restores and renews the air in your indoor space.

    Portable Power

    Experience tiny but mighty purification and improve
    ​your indoor air quality with SafeAir™ Mini!

    • Powered by active purification to destroy viruses and more.
    • Rapidly oxidizes smoke and odors from air and surfaces.
    • Suitable for spaces up to 500 Square Feet.
    • Easy to use settings for “controlled” purification tasks.
    • Whisper quiet ; Won't disturb sleep or quiet time.
    • Compact and portable ; Weighs less than a pound.
    • Sleek, stylish and sturdy design. ​
    • 2 power options for more purifying possibilities. (110V or 8ft USB)


    Naturally Inspired Technology

    Replicating the way that a thunderstorm or rainstorm purifies our Earth from pollutants, the SafeAir mini generates similar power to purify indoor spaces. Through this safe and effective process, activated oxygen is formed to oxidize infectious microbes, organic materials, odors and other pollutants from our indoor air and surfaces we touch.

    Imagine unleashing the same power Mother Nature uses to purify our outdoor environment into your indoor environment. Perfect for homes and businesses, SafeAir™ brings you a safer, healthier and more vibrant indoor living experience like you've never had before.



    Hear from Our Customers

    "I used to have the older generation model and loved it. However this new version is so much better. I love that it comes with the USB power option!"
    - Customer Jeff- Customer Jeff 


    "I use them throughout my business offices and in our waiting room. My staff and I love love them and recommends them to our clients !"
    ​- Business Owner, Steve


    "I use mine in my home, my car and I take one with me on vacations to use in my condo. Aside from the bacteria killing benefits, I love the fresh smell!"
    - Customer Bri


    10 Powerful Purification Feats to Put SafeAir™ Mini to the Test

    Check out these easy to do SafeAir™ Mini purification feats to experience fresh indoor air throughout all of your living and work spaces!

     Sanitize the Mattress
    Ventilation purification
    Clean the Commode
    Blast Your Basement
    Tame Pet Odors
    Refresh Your Ride
    Oxidize Chemicals
    Deodorize shoes
    Refresh Closets
    Purify Hotel Rooms



    Did You Know?

    Studies have found that the air inside our homes can be 5x more polluted than even the worst quality outdoor air? While the threat of viruses and allergens have led to more interest in air purification, many air purifier brands simply just collect, but do not destroy these dangerous pollutants. However, SafeAir's active purification technology is powerful enough to completely destroy up to 99.99% of germs, bacteria, viruses, allergens and odors! 


    Product Specifications -

    • Product Size - 14 cm x 9 cm x 5 cm
    • Product Weight - 0.44 lbs.
    • Shipping Weight - 1 lb.
    • Coverage Space - Up to 500 square feet*
    • Power - 100-240 V (AC); 5 V (DC)
    • Ozone Output - 0.4 - 0.8 ppm (adjustable
    • Noise Level - 26 dB - 34 dB


    Powerful and Safe 

    Perfect to use throughout your home or business!

    • Destroys bacteria and viruses from the air and surfaces
    • Rapidly oxidizes indoor smoke, odors and allergens.
    • Includes NASA inspired PCO technology for ultimate sanitation.
    • Efficiently purifies spaces up to 3000 square feet.
    • Sleek, stylish and sturdy design; available in 2 color options.
    • LCD display includes "Away Mode," timer and room size settings.



    Our Guarantee

    At DreamAirPurifiers, we truly offer the most stunning, trendy highest-quality air purifiers in the world.

    We will do WHATEVER it takes with outstanding customer service support to assist everyone as we highly value our customer satisfaction with absolute ZERO risk.

    We make sure that every customer is 110% satisfied in every aspect with 24/7/365 FAST SUPPORT!

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