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Cleaning the Air from Coronavirus COVID-19

corona virus

How an AllerAir Air Purifier works for Viruses & Bacteria

In order to filter many airborne viruses and bacteria like COVID-19 Coronavirus, the Air Purifier must be able to filter a smaller particle size. Most Traditional HEPA filters can only filter particles down to 0.3 micron in size. AllerAir Air Purifiers uses it's proprietary Super HEPA filter technology to effectively filter viruses like the Coronavirus COVID-19 which is 0.125 micron in size.

AllerAir Air Purifiers with the Germicidal UV option, can reduce viruses and bacteria that is airborne. All AllerAir Air Cleaners with Super HEPA and UV is effective at filtering and limiting bacteria.

How long can the Coronavirus COVID-19 Stay in the Air:

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) can stay on surfaces for 2 to 3 days. It is important to disinfect surfaces multiple times. The COVID-19 virus clings to metal and plastic surfaces. It is important to keep all surfaces disinfected and the air clean. Using an AllerAir Air Purifier with Super HEPA filter, carbon filter, and UV helps keep the air cleaned and disinfected.

AllerAir Air Purifiers are made of an all metal housing, which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

An Air Purifier should be running 24/7, so the volume of air is constantly being cleaned. AllerAir Air Cleaners are designed to be used continuously 24 hours a day.

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